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In the old days of the viking era the people of the Göta river valley were called Elvegrims, which would roughly translate to the 'grim people by the river'.

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Reenactment fighting, crafting, shows and entertainment, sports and athletics, archaeological research, camping or even a bit of poetry - all in a historical context of course.

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Sometimes it is easier to show someone what we do, rather than try to explain it. Without further ado, Elvegrimarne in pictures rather than words.

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A story focused on two small forces that struggle for control of a strategically important location. One chieftain from Norway and one chieftain from Denmark battle for their kings’ control of the area.

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So, like, are all elvegrimare Hackers now?
-Why of course. Everyone has an Axe if that's what you're asking.

The amount of beer that has gone into this page, while still considerate, is nowhere near the amount owed elvegrimarne by Andreas, Ranerna.

No matter your resolution or rotation elvegrimarne always welcome you with open arms.


2014:03: Battle of Hisingen on 7-8 June, 2014
2013:06: Elvegrimarne celebrates 20 years!
2013:06: BoH 2013 is right around the corner
2012:10: Pics are up from BoH 2012

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